Holstege Attorney in Court settlements

Holstege Attorney in divorce court settlement

If you can not come to an agreement through mediation, the divorce court will have to resolve the issues. You should then, through a lawyer to file a petition for divorce with the court in which you indicate that you want to separate, and what are your views regarding the consequences of divorce (children, alimony, division). The other party may, by means of a private lawyer, file a defense with his / her views contained therein. It does not matter whether you are claimant or defendant.

The court then sets a trial date. You and your lawyer get to the meeting the opportunity to explain the positions taken again. Moreover, you can also reply to the meeting on the positions taken by the other party. The court may also parties to ask questions.

The court does not immediately rule but does so a few weeks after the hearing has taken place. The award, named Decision, is sent to the lawyers. You do not separate to court.

If you do not agree with the decision of the court, or parts thereof, can be against the appeal decision. Is again the case are examined by three judges.

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