Floor Borger van der Burg-Holstege

I graduated from the University of Leiden (2003) in civil law. My interest has always been in the family. A divorce is emotionally draining and and affects your business and aswell as your legal status. Holstege (85)The combination of these two aspects makes the family very fascinating and sometimes quite tricky. In the course of my career I have observed that it is very pleasant for clients to keep control over their own business. Mediation offers you a really true way of resolving issues in a controled way. For the children it is much nicer to see their parents together make arrangements for the children rather than having a judge make the decision. Sometimes this may not work and going to court will be followed. A positive result of a protracted conflict often gives you a lot of peace.

I am besides a lawyer also a certified mediator. They are two different functions. As a mediator, I did not resign as a lawyer and I am once as a lawyer involved in the case then I do not also become a mediator. My knowledge and understanding of family law course, I engage in the mediation process by which I can test also legal content they have agreed if desired. My mediation experience comes on the other side also often useful in discussions with the counterparty.

I am a member of the Association of Family Lawyers and divorce mediators (vFAS) and the MFN (Mediation federation Netherlands. I worked at law firms in different family law fields of expertise. In 2011 I started my own office. This has always been a big wish of mine. I have a very diverse practice with wide range of matters in the field of family law. I regularly give courses and am consulted often for a second opinion.

“Besides lawyer and mediator, I am also a special guardian. A guardian ‘ad litem’ acts for the interests of children in proceedings before the court runs. This can involve origin issues such as recognition of children, judicial determination of paternity or the denial of paternity. Also a special guardian is involved in fights separations involving parties risk losing the interests of children in mind. ”

Because of my knowledge and experience I can inform my clients well, guide and support with a personal approach to clients as a starting point. In the often very significant issues, it is important to be able to rely on someone who not only provides a vocal point but also understands the matter of content. In family law cases, these two aspects are often inextricably linked.