Mediation Process

Mediation is an excellent form to regulate the consequences of divorce, especially when children are involved. Mediation actually leads to less rapid escalation of the conflict which has much value to children. Additionally medation is cheaper and the mediation route is often faster than proceedings before the court.

In divorce mediation are on average four calls place where a subject is treated per session (children, alimony, patrimonial settlement and pensions). You and your partner determine speed. The mediator leads the process. The solutions and appointments you create yourself. You and your partner will also keep full control over your own business.

The mediator will you and your partner, substantial information concerning the fiscal, legal and emotional consequences of the divorce so that you can be both able to make informed decisions and not later surprises.

The advantage of mediation is that there is also more space to discuss all aspects of a divorce in a peaceful manner so that the divorce process is less painful.

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